Outreach Performances

ertanAs an advocate for the arts and dedicated to the growth and vitality of its surrounding community, Music at the Mission works towards building greater exposure, accessibility & understanding of classical music through its Outreach Performances Project by providing a choice of three 45-minute, interactive performance programs to schools. Visiting artists are of national and international acclaim and each program is suitable for junior high and high school aged students and above.

INTERSECTIONS OF HISTORY / WORLD EVENTS & MUSIC: In using the tumultuous events of 20th Century Russia as an example of how great art can deepen our understanding of history, this program features works by composers whose lives and music were intertwined with the events of the day. Works include pieces by Shostakovich, Shchedrin and Miaskowsky.

This Outreach Performance will highlight the multi-faceted relationship between music and numbers. Included is a talk and performance of music imbued with the spirit of ratios, puzzles, fractal geometry and other mathematic theory. Works include pieces by Nancarrow, Wuorinen, Diesendruck and Xenackis.

THE PERFORMING ARTIST & MUSIC MAKING: In connection with our regular performance series, Artists for the upcoming performances will provide a closer view of the world of performance and classical music from the artistsstandpoint.



For further inquiries or to book an Outreach Performance at your school, please contact our Educational Outreach Coordinator, Larry Matteucig or email: info@musicatmsj.org.